A segregation or merge is where a combinination or splitting of parcels in whole or in part occurs. Usually these are owner requested. A segregation can occur because of a boundary line change between neighbors, creation of a short or long plat or merging two parcels together. There are other methods that cause segregations and mergers as well. On this page you can search for our segregations and mergers processed since 1997 and see what occured at those times.

You can search here by either a parcel number or seg merge number. The system will determine which search type you are attempting based off of the string you enter. A parcel number string can be from 6 to 11 digits long with or without a dash between the 6th and 7th digits (i.e. 191319-23, 191319-23405, 19131923405, and 191319 are all valid). A segregation number is formatted as follows SM and then a two digit year and then a 4 digit number that indicates a cardinal numbering of the order we processed segs for that segregation year. You can not search any segregations or mergers from before 1996 and you must put at least two digits after the year indicator (i.e. SM0501, sm050100, and sm05010 are all valid). If you have any comments or questions please email jacob.tate@co.yakima.wa.us.